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Contact lenses

We provide contact lenses from all the major contact lens companies. We regularly order from Cooper Vision, Alcon (previously Ciba Vision), Jonson & Johnson Vision Care, and Bausch + Lomb. It is our goal to recommend the best type of lens to suit your needs; one that fits well, is comfortable and provides the best vision. We take into consideration that every contact lens is unique, they are made of different types of material, varying levels of oxygen permeability, varying degrees of curvature and they even differ in deposit resistance.

It’s important also to realize that a prescription for glasses and the final power requirements for contact lenses are often not exactly the same. Not all powers are available, when it comes to contacts and sometimes the power equivalent for contacts is different because of higher prescription glasses.

Let us help you to ensure your contact lenses fit well, that you see well and that the right contact lenses are chosen to align with your lifestyle and eye health needs. We will discuss whether you are best suited for:

  • Daily, monthly or biweekly replacement schedules
  • Bifocal or monovision contact lenses
  • Spherical or toric (for astigmatism) contact lenses
  • Soft or rigid gas permeable contact lenses
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